Nagaland Tribes Council opposes implementation of Uniform Civil Code


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Dimapur, June 26: The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC), while strongly opposing the implementation of Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in Nagaland, has reiterated today its earlier stand on the proposed Uniform Civil Code. In this regard, the NTC had sent the representation of which was submitted to the 21st Law Commission of India dated 15-11-2016. The NTC then said that Nagaland was granted Statehood as the 16th State of the lndian Union on December 1, 1963 out of political agreement popularly known as the 16 Point Agreement of 1960. “By this deed of agreement special provision with respect to the State of Nagaland was accorded vide Article 371A of the Constitution of India which needs no further explanation,” the NTC said.

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The NTC said the Nagaland is a tribal state and the rights and privileges of the people namely religious or social practices, Nagaland customary law and procedures, administration of social justice involving decision according to Naga customary law, and ownership and transfer of land and its resources are fully protected. The State of Nagaland is well contented under the afore-mentioned un-codified Civil Code under proposal.

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“Honestly, mention may be made herein that from time immemorial the Naga way of life, is relatively distinct from the people of mainland of the country. Therefore, if Uniform Civil Code is enacted and enforced in the country it would not only be alien to the Naga people but would also be subjected to alien culture and social practices by compulsion under the law, and that the personal and social life of the Naga people would be further subjected to extinction,” the NTC added.

The NTC then said in the event of the Uniform Civil Code being enforced would bring about a uniform set of laws governing personal matters, and among others to the extent of interference in religion affairs and belief of the minority communities. “It would ultimately be a threat to the daily peaceful and harmonious lifestyle of the people of Nagaland,” it also added.

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The NTC then said the campaign for “solemn support the implementation and enforcement of the Uniform Civil Code in India” in the name of “to preserve the sovereignty, integrity and Constitutional values” as circulated by the 22nd Law Commission of India may be put on halt as this kind of exercise would definitely destroy the beauty of diversity of culture and religious practices across India”. The NTC further said personal laws governing different communities have been built over centuries and are deeply rooted in their cultural and religious belief and practices and hence forceful application of laws alien to the concern communities would not be advisable for a healthy growth of society. It also said majority is not enough if the genuine opinions of minority are killed. “The Nagaland Tribes Council (NTC) therefore, urges upon the 22nd Law Commission of India to consider the inherent rights of the people of Nagaland as expressed above in the interest of not only Constitutional but social justice as well, and exclude in respect of Nagaland State from the purview of Uniform Civil Code on your recommendation to the Union Government so that the hard earned inalienable provisions of Article 37l A of the Constitution of India is safeguarded and would remain undisturbed”, it stated.

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