NSCN-IM mouthpiece on Naga peace talks; ‘wary of GoI’

Dimapur: The latest edition of ‘Nagalim Voice’ said that the NSCN-IM is ‘wary’ of the Government of India.

It can be noted here that ‘Nagalim Voice’ is the mouthpiece of NSCN-IM. The latest edition of the bulletin was released today.

The editorial of the latest edition of ‘Nagalim Voice’ said that the “rising temperature of the Indo-Naga political talks is all about the deliberate twists and turns of the plot.” It also said that “language, the use of words can be crucial in this sensitive stage of the Indo-Naga political talks.” The editorial also said that the NSCN-IM talk team has, however, conducted the talks with extraordinary vigour, patience and energy of temperament.

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The editorial then said that NSCN-IM “no doubt is wary” of the Government of India getting over sensitive on core issues that are not negotiable. “Ironically, the over indulgence by the Government of India in playing a delaying game is something that is getting into the nerves of the NSCN talk team. Nevertheless, we shall hold the ground though we found the Government of India’s cynicism wearing at times,” it added.

The bulletin then said, “Considering the complexity of the Naga political issue, it is not surprising that it has dragged on for more than 25 years”. It also said, “However, the complexity of phenomena should not be used to play dirty with the Naga issue with divisive agenda.” The ‘Nagalim Voice’ editorial then said that the principle of “one people one nation” that has guided the Naga political movement for the last seven decades cannot be compromised under any circumstances.

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Significantly, according to the NSCN-IM bulletin, the principle of one people one nation “as symbolised by Naga National Flag” is being targeted desperately. “We feel this is unfairly intrusive,” it further said. “It should not be forgotten that huge sentimental value is attached with the Naga National Flag,” it added. The ‘Nagalim Voice’ editorial further stated that the pride and honour that go with the Naga National Flag are all about the God given history and identity of the Naga people. “What God has given cannot be a topic of bargaining in the IndoNaga negotiating table. This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth of God given Naga history,” the editorial of the NSCN-IM mouthpiece added.


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