Phom community of Naga tribe celebrate its premiere festival ‘Monyiü’


Kohima, April 1: The most important festival of the Phom Naga tribe of Nagaland, Monyiü was celebrated today at NBCC Convention Hall, Kohima with B. Bangtick Phom, MLA as the special guest.
The festival was organised by Phom Union Kohima.

It may be mentioned that Monyiü is the main festival of Phom Nagas celebrated throughout the first week of April every year. Thousands of both young and old in their traditional attire joyfully participated in the festival.

The festival witnessed cultural folk dances, singing folk tunes, folklore reflections, log drum beatings and varieties of traditional cuisines.

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A short speech was delivered by Helievio Solo, chairman of Kohima Village Council and N. Toshi Chang, President, ENPUK. Song presentation by New Generation; folk drama by PSUK & Youth department KPBC; Bhumnyu Union Kohima and Phomla Hoichem Kohima Unit.

A word on behalf of the so-in-laws was delivered by TL Kiysumong Tikhir (NCS), ADC Jalukien.

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The programme was compere by Konaei Shongdok and P. Liang while the festival began with invocation prayer by Reverend Phomlee Van, pastor KPBC and Dr. S. Manyaü, president, PUK delivered the welcome speech.

The main programme concluded with word of gratitude by P. Imti Mokholee, vice president PUK followed by a benediction prayer by V. Lungpang, convenor, Phoppü Ghung, KPBC.
Later, the festival was followed by Monyiü fest extravazanza.

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