SAM Tea House launched in Ukhrul: First of its kind

SAM Tea House features a collection of the finest tea and tea blends put together by tea connoisseurs and sommeliers; This is only the beginning as the town entrepreneurs are determined to build themselves up and turn this humble beginning to one that would be able to generate employment and livelihood opportunities for the people in the near future.

SAM Tea House, the first of its kind, was launched on Wednesday at Phungreitang, Ukhrul, by three young entrepreneurs – Sathingla Shokwungnao, Aggripa Jagoi and Machuk Kora Zimik. The tea house, located at the heart of the town, features a collection of the finest tea and tea blends put together by tea connoisseurs and sommeliers. The shop pairs its exquisite tea service with elegantly designed tea-wares and lovingly put-together customizable gift packs, all at an affordable rate.

SAM Tea House true to its name has tea for all occasions and blends for every mood. From stress busters like the organic Blue Tea to super-healthy Matcha and Korean Ginseng, it offers plenty of options to experiment with floral blends like Chamomile, Floral Earl Grey and infusions like Peach, Buckwheat, Passion fruit, Apricot and, of course, the classics like Indian Oolong to name a few. Some of the blends are especially crafted with health in focus. For instance, there’s one specifically for healthy heart and another for good sleep. This humble tea house offers more than 25 distinct flavors and blends besides ornamental and specialty tea collection. For an authentic tea experience, SAM tea are sourced from the very best – Darjeeling, Assam & Nilgiri, Japan, Korea among others.

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Talking about their venture, co-owner, SAM, Sathingla Shokwungnao said “We are delighted to be the ones bringing experiences like this for the people in town. Tea is no longer a basic beverage that it used to be. Along with the world, the culture of tea drinking has certainly evolved among our people as well. I think we are seeing what I’d call a great surge of consciousness when it comes to healthy beverage especially among youths, which is an awesome thing. At SAM, it’s not just the fine tea experience that we give but also the encouragement that comes with our service to choose healthy options in our lifestyle.”

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Speaking of the launch, Aggripa Jakoi, co-owner, SAM, mentioned “We curate all sorts of tea and are constantly trying to add many more to our collections. We would go at length to source as much variety as possible; after all, why shouldn’t our people get to enjoy the finest of the king of beverage?” Aggripa added “SAM’s Tea House is for all – the young, the old, the tea enthusiasts and the experimentalist – as such we make sure that our collection and service caters to each type of customers. That is also one of the reasons we keep our price quite affordable because we wouldn’t want anybody to miss out”. “SAM is more than just a tea house. We have put in a lot of hard work and dedication to this and we feel blessed to see our project finally get off the ground. For this we are grateful to the Almighty and families and well-wishers. Through our work, we hope to inspire youngsters like ourselves to take heart and follow their dreams, and along with it bring something good for our people, added Machuk Kora Zimik, co-owner, SAM.

About SAM

SAM – Acronym of initials of the three founder-owners (Sathingla Shokwungnao, Aggripa Jakoi and Machuk Kora Zimik) has everything to do with but not limited to tea. Giving up their city jobs, the three co-owners returned home with the vision to contribute and use the good of their years of education and experiences towards building a better community.

Friends since their years in higher secondary school, these three ambitious youngsters came together and formed ‘SAM’ to work towards their shared vision, to do their bit in catalyzing community development. Besides the tea house, SAM also provides a comprehensive poultry and chicken feed service at Hundung, Dungrei junction, Ukhrul. With an inspiration to motivate their peers to come back home from metro cities and work among their own community and more local youths to come forth with their offerings, the trio strongly believes that it is high time more learned and skilled youths from the community partake to address the serious lack of human resource and manpower detrimental to the growth of the society.

SAM Tea House is only the beginning as the entrepreneurs are determined to build themselves up and turn this humble beginning to one that would be able to generate employment and livelihood opportunities for the people in the near future.

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