Tangkhul Welfare Society Mumbai’s 10th Anniversary held

Mumbai: The Tangkhul Welfare Society Mumbai celebrated its 10th Anniversary on Oct 25 with great grandeur and merriment. The Anniversary was celebrated with the theme- “Muivasa Khokha Sada”. The Tangkhul Welfare Society Mumbai was established in the year 2012, and since then, the TWSM has been playing a vital role in the social development and wellbeing of the Tangkhuls in Mumbai. The population of Tangkhuls in Mumbai is estimated to be around 2000-2500.

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The Anniversary was graced by K. Timothy Zimik (Retired IRS) as the chief guest along with his wife. He spoke about the various important issues the Nagas in Manipur faces and also on the pertinent issues of Naga nation building. His zeal to serve for the nation as well as the various possibilities he could bring about as a leader. Achan Sharon (Asst. GM, RBI) was the Guest of Honor of the Anniversary. He encouraged the youth and the working class about dignity of labour, also encouraged the welfare to strife toward excellence. The Tangkhul Welfare Society Mumbai wishes them both all the success in their future endeavours. The Mumbai Yola made the event more colourful with their families and presented a beautiful song. The TWSM, was humbled by the presence of TKS, RKL and Presidents and colleagues of Tangkhul Union/Welfare from 9 different cities, as a special guest of the event. Also the presence and support of the various Naga tribes and organizations was a delight and much appreciated.

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The event saw a huge crowd turn up and the auditorium was packed to the capacity. And to add to the excitement, our renowned stand -up comedian Pakmi Mahong made sure that every single soul in the auditorium was laughing their hearts out. And much to the delight of the audience, Shimreingam Horam, Yarshim Wungsek and MOC captured the moment with their best songs and performances.

Tangkhul Welfare Society Mumbai extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants and supporters. It is through your continuous support and prayers, that we were able to organize such a great and memorable event seamlessly. Once again thank you all. KUKNALIM!

(Source: Tangkhul Welfare Society Mumbai)

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