Thangkhava by Yursari Ngalung Premieres at 6PM today

Yursari Ngalung’s Thangkhava is getting premiered today at 6:00PM.

Be the first to listen to her first wedding music video.

Yursari Ngalung

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The music video is sponsored by : Ninglum Hungyo and Thangpei Rainam.

Lyrics: Yursari Ngalung and Som kasomwoshi

Cast: Loving Rimai, Ac Rinsing, Mungrei Konghay

Director: Yursari Ngalung

Costume: Loving Rimai

Music : William ( Soundfield Studio)

Videography and editing: Songsong leivon (Agape Studio)

Subtitle: Yuimi Vashum and Loving Rimai

Special thanks to 1. Mayoshang Mk 2. Atungpa siro 3. Lamsinliu kamson 4. Linda Ahum 5. Tuingayung Ngalung 6. Semmi Yangya 7. Themshim Ngalung 8. Timror Ngalung 9. Worchui Zimik 10. Pamreithan Mk and his wife 11. Singyao 12. Woryaphy Ningshen.

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