TKLD observes 17th Yarthot Kazip; Minister Nemcha Kipgen: ‘promote the rich culture and traditions of the state’

(Photo: Shomi Lungleng)

New Delhi: Celebrating and welcoming the new faces from the community and making them feel at home, Tangkhul Katamnao Long Delhi (TKLD) organized its 17th Yarthot Kazip at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Delhi after a hiatus of two years due to the pandemic.

Under the theme Ningkha Yangkha Sada Ngashang Ngarumsa (Thriving in strength and in mind in unison), the event was graced by minister for cooperation, GoM, Nemcha Kipgen as chief guest and MLA Sheikh Noorul Hassan, NPP national spokesperson as the guest of honor.

Addressing the gathering in her speech, minister Nemcha Kipgen appealed to all the students from Manipur living in other places to promote the rich culture and traditions of the state. The minister also highlighted the importance of women in the overall development of the society. 

Nemcha Kipgen mentioned that participation of women in active politics will lead to co-optation of women into men dominated politics while non-participation will lead to marginalization of women in politics. “Women must actively engage in politics to bring forth gender equality and gender justice”, she asserted. During the occasion, the minister highlighted the various welfare schemes and programmes taken up by the state government for inclusive development of the state.

Among the many dignitaries, Hibu Tamang Joint Commissioner of Police, Special Police Unit for North-Eastern Region (SPUNER) cum Nodal officer for North East people in Delhi, Ngahanyui Zimik, deputy commissioner, Department of Revenue Ministry of Finance, GoI and Raymond Shimrah chief manager, Export-Import of India attend the kazip as special guests.

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The first session started with the arrival of the chief guest followed by a soulful performance “Ili Pharasang Kahai Ngalei” led by Shanchuiphy Keishing.

This academic year, around 400 freshers registered, introduced and were welcomed by the TKLD. The freshers were given an opportunity to give a brief self introduction about themselves and answer a question as to how they see themselves five years from now. A memento was handed out to each of the freshers as a token of  warm welcome and a special benediction for the freshers was given by Rev. Sayao Kapai, pastor, TBCD.

Speaking at the 17th Yarthot Kazip 2022, TKLD president Yaorei Horam said, “You have left your home for a city where opportunities are in abundance for someone who wants to grow and as there are opportunities to grow, there are chances for setbacks if one is not serious in their personal pursuits. It is my prayer and wish that you all achieve what you came here for and make your families proud. Therefore, let us all keep fighting the good fight as it is said, Tough times don’t last, tough people do.”

With a scintillating start-off with home grown artists like the legendary Thangmeiso Shinglai, Ningshang Ngakang and the new generation youth superstar Yungyung khamrang, a day-long fun-filled event saw a huge turn out of more than 3500 people from the Tangkhul community in Delhi.

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Breaking the ice between speeches and the audience’s attention, the legendary all-time favorite Tangkhul stand up comedian Pakmi Mahongnao took the stage in intervals with his clever and cheeky one liners filling the air with laughter.

Experiencing the soul enriching enterprise filled with music, dance, motivating talks and expressions from all quarters through love and emotions, the event showcased the richness of the Tangkhul Naga culture and traditions with special instrumental performances such as by Rhythms Of Tingteila, the magical notes of which traversed through the roof capturing the audience in a trance of pure simplicity and a true reflection of their culture.

The event also showcased a beautifully choreographed folkdance from Taluinao Delhi nick named Talui kharing Kharak Pheichak with vivid contextual narration for every arrangement and steps which helped in delivering an elaborate cultural background and richness in the recreation of the ancestral lifestyle through folk-dance. 

The performance was followed by yet another rockstar performance from IHAO Music House Delhi. Karthika Pinai showcasing her sky high range singing Million Dreams.

Many speakers at the event gave thought-provoking advice and exhortations to the newcomers.

“Without a doubt, these freshers today in their generation represent the brightest and smartest in our community and I would like them to take this into serious consideration. Delhi is one of the most intellectually and opportunistically vibrant international capitals in the world. It is the home to the most influential, powerful, accomplished policy makers, bureaucrats, journalists and academics of the country and that is why there is a compelling reason to stay, mentally, physically, emotionally fit and focused so that each of you could make it out having accomplished something big in this fiercely competitive environment. To do that, it is advisable to stay socially connected with the members of your own community and become active individuals within your church and community organizations,” exhorted Ngahanyui Zimik.

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In the second session, the atmosphere in the auditorium made way for exciting artists and band lineup. The artists performances brought out the community’s craze for music to the fore. A surprising rap performance by rapper ‘Maboy G’ enthralled the crowd with his witty and meaningful rhymes.

In-demand artists like Yungyung, Thangmeiso and Ningshang performed their fan’s favorite numbers. The auditorium swayed with thousands of flashlights singing along to the lyrics of their songs. Bands like ‘Retrosonic’ and ‘Firing Line’ lit the stage on fire with Rock and Roll leaving the audience with their legs thumping.

The event also featured an introduction of Suvdeva Football Club, a professional football club based in Delhi that competes in the I-League. The club’s president and one of the two founders, Anuj Gupta was one of the special invitees in the Yarthot Kazip.

The event also featured the release of Khanrin magazine after a gap of two years due to the pandemic. Khanrin magazine is a quarterly magazine edited and published by the TKLD featuring topics from TKLD updates and activities, career counsel, student articles and journals, special stories, photography, poetry etc.

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TKLD as a student union has evolved into an important body in protecting and safeguarding the identity of the Tangkhul Naga’s in particular and the North East in general. 

The topmost priority of the Longnaon (TKLD) includes various student issues regarding admission help desk, entrance exam information, career counseling, seminars, and workshops on education and moral values.

It may be mentioned that during the past two years, many of the community members were laid off from work on account of the pandemic. Taking this into account, the union reached out to some of the community members working in various sectors to bridge the gap. In order to avoid wasting time, money and effort while going to consultancies and to cut down on internet browsing which may likely land youngsters in illegitimate companies, TKLD  set up a contact point to guide and direct them based on their qualifications and requirements for various openings. Till date more than 80 job seekers have benefited from these P2P contact points.

The welfare of Tangkhul students in Delhi falls under the topmost priority of the Longnao hence, provision of free coaching for 60 days to dedicated SSC aspirants have been proposed and agreed in consensus.

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(Soror Shaiza and Themchui Kaping)

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