Ukhrul Police to dispose of unclaimed body

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Ukhrul: Ukhrul Police on August 24 had appealed to the general public for identification of unknown dead body of a male in a highly decomposed state.

“Since the unidentified dead body has been lying in JNIMS mortuary for identification and till today, no one has come forward for identification of the deceased. The dead body will be disposed of by taking the order of District Magistrate of Kamjong,” informed Inspector LL. Tezii, OC of Litan PS.

It is worth mentioning that a highly decomposed dead body (male) was found lying in the bush below the road leading to Thawai/Thoyee Tangkhul village, about 300 meters away from Gwaltabi on 24 August 2022 at 9:30pm.

The unclaimed body discription is given as under:

Name: Unknown, S/o: Unknown, R/o: Unknown, Height: 5.5 ft, Appearance: beard on chin and both cheeks; Wearing: grey T-shirt, grayish brown jacket, cargo black pant and a Relaxo chappal.

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