UNC: ’16-Point Agreement should never be repeated’


Senapati: With regard to the Naga political issue, the United Naga Council (UNC) has cautioned today that “another 16-Point Agreement should never be repeated”.

Today’s statement of the UNC came amidst crucial developments in the Naga peace process and various highly charged comments and counter-comments related to the issue.

The UNC statement said that Nagas must take “our own time”. The statement also said, “We must go by our inner political conscience, and not through the instigation of whatever forces”. It added, “The sanity of the Nagas must prevail at this critical moment and sagacious political decisions must be taken during this final political settlement”.

The UNC also expressed its concern on the prevailing situation by saying, “It is sad that the Nagas are at the depths of our mess created by ourselves when we need to stand up together and re-affirm our stand in support of the ongoing Indo-Naga peace negotiations”. It then asked, “What is the hurry now when we have already taken so many years? Can the Nagas accept it if the Government of India gives any damned thing?”

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The UNC further said it is “worrisome and strange” that some very high profile Naga leaders are emotionally bursting out and some are doing intriguingly different things in Delhi, and also “political groups” sarcastically attacking and counter attacking each other. The UNC then pointed out that comments and utterances such as “Those who do not want solution, go to hell”; “Don’t expect 100% unanimity on Naga talk”; “Manipur Nagas decided to remain in Manipur…those Nagas stationed at Hebron Camp are mostly our guests from Manipur”; “Take it or leave it moment for NSCN-IM” and so on and so forth are not serving any purpose for the Nagas. “The hatred and jealousy are inherent and intrinsic in human beings but it should not cross the limit and it should not be at the cost of the national struggle or movement,” the UNC stated. It further said that “our fore-fathers” have sacrificed all that they could and with so much bloodshed and for which “we are here thus far in the 2nd Ceasefire since 1997 till date with the Government of India”.

The UNC also said that “we the Nagas” must understand that in negotiations patience and resilience are important factors. “Yet we feel fearful with the present trend that is happening and patience running short among the Naga leaders and Naga National Political Groups”. The UNC added, “It seems that we are destroying ourselves, our struggle and also our people by our leaders themselves and not by the enemies”.

The UNC then said it has come to learn that NSCN-IM is scheduled for “the emergency national assembly” on May 31, 2022 at Hebron Camp. The UNC added that whatever decision taken is going to be crucial for the Nagas’ political future. “Let us hope that the assembly takes a wise political decision,” it further added.

The UNC then said that, “with deep concern”, it has decided in its “emergency presidential council meeting” held on May 27, 2022 in imphal to appeal all the Naga churches regardless of denominations in “South Nagalim” to have a special prayer service at their respective district headquarters and village churches on May 31, 2022 from 6 am to 9 am or at their conveniences for God’s divine intervention that whatever decision taken by “the emergency national assembly” of the NSCN-IM may be in His ways and according to His plans and wishes. “Religious leaders/Rev/pastors/catechists and faithfuls are requested to please take the lead,” the UNC further appealed.


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