ZINGRIN is Going Online: Are you Ready to Splurge?

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The new-normal is no longer ‘new’. It is now normal. And within a span of three months, the use of online for shopping has surged. With social distance being stressed on, and as online shopping become more prominent, a lot of businesses are going online. Among the industry that is making the huge shift is the fashion industry.

According to the latest reports, ZARA brand is closing about 1200 of its stores to focus on its online store; Guess is also closing 100 of its brick-and-mortar stores!

To speak of local (India) brands, small yet high-end fashion brands are now turning digital to adapt with the lockdown situation and cater to online demands. This means that Myntra, India’s largest e-commerce fashion retailer, which currently controls 70% of the mass fashion market (alongside Flipkart) will start to face competition.

Among the high-end (fashion) brands going online is ZINGRIN, one of the first high-end fashion brands from North-East India to have settled snugly in the mainstream fashion industry. It had flagship stores in New Delhi, Mumbai and Manipur before it decided to completely move to eCommerce.

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What do we know about ZINGRIN?

Zingrin is a womenswear retail brand, established in 2007. It was founded by Sonia Muivah, an entrepreneur from Manipur; a brand named after her daughter who is now spearheading the brand.

Zingrin was started with the vision to bring good quality western wear in the north-east, which then intentionally or unintentionally became one of the most sought-after fashion brands in the capital and the film city. Its specialty is delivering quality garments with good fit for the everyday women.

What gives Zingrin the unique touch is that it is a brand that believes in empowering local talents which is why you would see that its empoyees are from the north-east.

Here are some interesting facts about ZINGRIN-

  • Zingrin is the first brand to open a retail store for dance products in New Delhi including leotards, unitards, skirts, jazz pants, etc.
  • Zingrin is also the authorised dealer of Sansha and Grishko selling ballet pointes shoes, soft shoes, jazz shoes, etc.

What can we look forward to in ZINGRIN’s website?

Yes! That’s quite a valid question- what are the things we can look forward to? First up, you will be able to avail flat 20% off on all apparels as a launch offer!!


Product options?

Their range of product/collections includes-

Zingrin Face Masks

Tips: If you are into linen garments and out there looking for apparels to beat the summer heat, ZINGRIN’s apparels would definitely be the right one for you.

With over a decade of dealing in bricks-and-mortar stores, Zingrin is realtively shy and young when it comes to online presence. As of the time of publishing this article, the brand had a thousand and few following. Perhaps, their move to eCommerce is going to be a trigger for the brand to show more online presence on social media.

Moving Online, is this a Great Move?

Yes, absolutely. According to Optinmonster, 68% of men and 72% of females shops online. Out of it, the higest was for shopping of clothes online.

ingrin 2

This means that we will be seeing more of ZINGRIN online. And as the online shopping activity continues to rise, so will eCommerce companies continue to prosper.

Shop at Zingrin and do not forget to avail its introductory offer!

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