Arambai Tenggol says not involved; says they are ‘only a small group of reasonable young men’

Imphal: The Arambai Tenggol, dissolved since May 2023 as per news reports, while condemning the heinous crime committed to Lucy Marem in the strongest terms has categorically said that the group is not connected, nor related with the killing. The charges leveled against the group by “some apex bodies of Naga is really very unfortunate,” it said.

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Arambai Tenggol in a press release on Monday suggested that relevant information could be ascertained from police department since the culprits have already been apprehended, adding that the government  will certainly take stern actions against the miscreants/culprits according to law.

Stating that Arambai Tenggol do not expect such kind of allegation from responsible bodies without concrete evidence, the group appealed all “fellow brothers and sisters of Manipur” in the ongoing ethnic conflict “to understand who is our kin and blood relation and not to take any action which will be regretted later on.”

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While maintaining the group’s objective — to save the future of all indigenous people of Manipur – the Arambai Tenggol said they are “never irresponsible psychopath as depicted by some groups.”

Further, the group pointed out that “every crime committed in Manipur during this unfortunate period should not be blamed to Arambai Tenggol only.” To that end the group said it will be extremely grateful if they clarify the matter. “The possibility of intentional attempt to taint the image of Arambai Tenggol and making them scapegoat may please be explored. We are only a small group of reasonable young men who are committed to protect the culture and identity of our native land,” it maintained.

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Clarifying that the group Arambai Tenggol is already disbanded, it furthermore appealed to all individuals/organizations kindly not to blame the Arambai Tenggol without any valid proof/evidence. “In case of any illegal activities committed, Arambai Tenggol shall not be responsible but by the concerned individual/individuals and not the group,” it informed.

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It is worth mentioning that the Arambai Tenggol, termed as a radical Meitei group in Manipur in various news reports, in its last official communication said the organisation was dissolved and that its members as well as non-members are prohibited from using the name of the organisation or taking its identity. However, it went on further to add in a press release (in the last part of May 2023) that the organisation will not hesitate to make a return in order to protect Manipur when the situation demands.

The Meitei group has been accused of instigating and perpetrating ethnic violence against the Kuki-Zo community ever since the conflict erupted on May 3. The group Arambai Tenggol is named after a weapon used by the Meitei/Meetei warriors in the olden days, especially the cavalry riding Manipuri pony.

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