Chrachandpur district affected due to heavy rainfall, sever storm


Churachandpur: Churachandpur district received pre-monsoon rain from the last few days that caused severe damage in several parts of the district.

Though the district has not witnessed any casualties, the incessant rain evoked fear in the minds of people as the water level of Tuitha (Khuga) river and Khuga Dam increased in an alarming rate. Minor landslides have also been reported in some parts of the district.

The district faced power outage in some places following rain accompanied by heavy storm, lightning and thunder. It is said that tree branches have fallen on electrical wires at many places, causing power outage in some places.

Heavy storms hit Churachandpur district including the main town areas this morning from about 10 am, resulting in uprooting of trees, while river and canals have been flooded as a result of heavy downpour.

At Singngat, the residential house of one Suokhokam was hit by falling trees after it has been uprooted by a strong wind.

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At the time of the incident, his daughters and sons were staying indoors; and his wife who was also inside mistook it for thunder but when they enquired it was the sound produced by the falling of trees. Later, it was found out that a falling pine tree had hit and destroyed their house which was later removed by the villagers under the stewardship of the Singngat Youth Club. However, no casualties were reported from the incident. As the house could no longer provide shelter to the family members, the club members arranged a makeshift home with a tarpaulin

The impact of rainstorm was also felt in the town areas. In Tangnuam village cemetery area, trees were uprooted causing destruction to some residential house and electric wires. At Gangpimual, an electric pole was uprooted by the heavy storm; blocking the road and causing problems for inter village communications. However, the electric department act swiftly by removing the electric pole.

At Jangnuam village near Behiang border, a massive tree fell on power line, causing destruction to high tension wire. The border areas will not be able to get power supply till it is rewired, said sources.

Though power has been restored in town areas, many remote areas of the district are yet to get back power supply.

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