Coming to terms democratically for peaceful settlement is the only solution: UNC

Manipur violence: File photo.

Senapati: The United Naga Council (UNC) in a press communiqué on Wednesday said categorially stated that coming to terms democratically for a peaceful settlement is the only solution.

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Publicity wing of the UNC had stated that it is perturbed to witness the continuous acts of vengeance and perpetual cycle of violence with no end in sight from the warring communities. Despite repeated appeals for restoration of normalcy in the state, there are occurrence of gun fights in the periphery of hill district and torching of villages at the foothills- leaving other community at ransom, UNC said.

It is easier said than done and perhaps yearning for peace is not fitting when so much of lives have been lost and properties devastated beyond measure. However, the United Naga Council as an apex body representing more than 20 tribes of the present Manipur state feels the urgency to express our shared opinion that ‘coming to terms’ democratically for a peaceful settlement is the only solution, it added.

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Any citizen big or small is vulnerable and can be a victim of the strife-torn Manipur state due to the fact that all ethnic communities live in close proximity to one another both in the valley and hills with political simmering still uncertain void of the rule of law. Given such volatile situation at the backdrop, there are high chances of senseless clashes when other communities are provoked and mishandled. To this end, the council appeals for sanity and to pave a way forward in a peaceful manner to ensure that the spark of the communal flare up is not ignited further to other communities, because, the consequences involving other communities will be too expensive, it said.

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