First edition of North East Autumn Festival 2022 begins at Jorcheng Ukhrul

(Photo: Kahorpam Horam)

Ukhrul: The first edition of North East Autumn Festival 2022 (NEAF) organised by Chiko Adventures kicked off under a clear and bright October sky at Ukhrul district’s Jorcheng, Lunghar village on Thursday.

Jorcheng is a scenic mountain area just 21 Km away from Ukhrul Town, on the way towards Shirui Village, home to the world renown Shirui Lily flower.

Shirui Lily is also the state flower of Manipur.

The first North East Autumn Festival 2022 is organised by Chiko Adventures, a trusted one-stop-shop private limited with proven track record of over six years in adventure and outdoor recreation sector based in Manipur, North East India recognised by State government. They are popularly known for introducing and hosting MTB downhill in Manipur.

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NEAF is a tourism festival that aims to promote eco-tourism in Manipur’s Ukhrul district and to put Ukhrul as a desirable travel destination and tourism hotspot.

“We welcome everyone to come enjoy the music, the exotic North East cuisines, adventure and the beautiful Jorcheng in Ukhrul”, said Shangcham Shangjam, a member of Chiko Adventures.

He also informed that they want this festival to be a platform to promote North East music artistes from across the region, some well known but many more not known to the world, hence focusing more on the upcoming artistes.

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At the opening night of NEAF 2022 Rhythm night on Thursday, Tangkhul fusion folk music artistes Guru Rewben Mashangva, folk artist Guru Rawung, folk alt metal Featherheads Haokui, famous fusion rapper from Nagaland-Moko koza, JC kitts and DJ Bungba entertained the crowd. Moko koza performed some of his recently released music album titled ‘Naga Manu’.

Rhythm night curtain opens everyday after 3 pm.

Indigenous food that many have never experienced and tasted before are available, adventures activities like caving, hiking, fun activities for family and kids like Burma bridge, trampoline and more, indigenous games and competition like bamboo climbing, bamboo craft and top spinning competition will be held.

Some of the line up for the upcoming Rhythm nights are The Wishes, Reeyami, All the greats, Theithei Luithui, Alamle Heraang, Fifth Note, Somaya Rumthao, Solace Her and many more.

The first edition of North East Autumn festival which started on October 20 will end on October 26.

Ukhrul | North East Autumn Festival 2022 All Set At Ukhrul’s Picturesque Jorcheng

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