Flag hoisting ceremony of Independent candidate for 48-Mao (ST) AC held at Paomata centre


Senapati: Flag hoisting ceremony of Independent candidate for 48-Mao (ST) AC was held on Friday at Paomata centre ground. The candidate is a keen contestant with PHED minister, Losii Dikho under the same constituency. 

In his election manifesto, Woba Joram, Independent candidate under 48-Mao (ST) AC stated that he wants to improve basic infrastructures in all villages under the constituency, to provide better roads and good connectivity, cheap, accessible and better health care facilities and improved water and electric supply apart from better governance and transparency, youth and women empowerment, new vision for education and protracted Naga political issue.

Mention may be made that Woba Joram had reportedly fought elections against L. Dikho from TMC ticket in 2012, from BJP in 2017 and independent candidate this current year. The candidate will fight for the 4th time where he could not win consecutively for 3 times in the past.

The flag was hoisted by Daili Nikhini Pfoze, Convenor, VCM, Co-convenor, Election Core Committee, Song Song Village President, Northern Mao as the chief guest. 

Z. Hriinyi, Ex-President, Poumai Public Union, Kohima in his statement mentioned that the candidate came as an issue for the A/C where politics is played to correct the ways and practices of the people. He stated that there were times when the former leader could not help the public as they are not in the ruling and cannot go against the interest of the Govt when in ruling cannot go on in the land while the common people suffer for lack of every development in the region. Not against the NPF but the leader mentioned that it is time to change their leadership with change of time.

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K. Paone, Former BJP, 48-Mao Mahila President stated lauded the candidate who has sacrificed his everything for the betterment and upliftment of the society. While asking the voters not to sell their votes in cheap prices, the women leader urged the voters to choose their leaders wisely so as not to let the common people suffer from basic amenities in life. When the women of the region are not satisfied to see whatever has been happening, the women leader also urged all to forgive one another and to reconcile even though one could not in the past to march forward whith change of leadership. Tasoni Lokho, Ex-Election agent of the previous tenure of the candidate who is from Mao community regretted that different undemocratic means have been used at the ensuing elections at different places which he sought the attention of everyone. R.P. Dani, Ex-ADC member lauded that candidate to have big heart who is willing to serve the people even though defeated for consecutive 3 tenures in the past. Refering to his local village Saranamai, the former ADC member stated that many from his village had started to support the candidate. Dani stated that many candidates could not succeed in their contest when his villagers did not support a candidate as seen in the past. However, he assured that majority of his villagers had assured to lend their support to the independent candidate and is hopeful to win in the coming elections.

48 Mao 1

Chopfokho Ishmeil, former Mao Students Union President stated that the gathering is not to discuss someone’s greatness or to say bad things of others but to unite and march forward in spite of lagging in different spheres by past leaders and to bring change in the region by change of leadership. The student leader also urged all to look for long term peaceful coexistence in the region. M.S. Marcus, Chairman, Tungjoy village stated that the villagers decided to unite the long past Peace Treaty between the 2 villages of Tungjoy and Tunggam which were held during the early 1900. The village leader also lamented that it is in the hand of the voters to elect their right leader during this elections and urged all to give their strength and energy to support the candidate. M.L. Markson, former Chairman, ADC, Senapati urged the gathering to elect the right leader out during this election. Politics is to deny oneself for other, to lift up the weak, to bring development and to bring change. While truth shall prevail in the long run, the ADC leader lamented that power can be snatched when people could not choose their right leader who urged all to support the candidate to bring change in the land. Elders in their voluntary speech mentioned that change is necessary as the other has also been given as MLA and even minister in the past tenure adding the ensuing election is a wakeup call for people of the region to bring change.
Loli Sani, Election Agent stated that the gathering could turn to a meaningful one to bring change in the region. Not for personal gain, the election agent also sought better suggestions in future who sought cooperation of all not for one’s individual, society or community but for all mass under the constituency.
N. Kaikho Kapa, former Jt. Director, Tribal Development and who was also denied BJP ticket in the ensuing state assembly election asserted that out of something, something comes out who urged for unity among people of the constituency to bring change. History speaks where Tungjoy and Tunggam had never come together during elections. However, the former Jt. Director lauded the 2 villages for their mutual understanding to bring unity among themselves to stand together for a cause. While urging that it is in the hand of the voters, Kaikho Kapa expressed solidarity to the candidate and sought to stand in solidarity with the candidate. When things do not go what people had wanted or aspired, the former Jt. Director asserted to think back where they had gone wrong in the past and move forward while he expressed gratitude to all his supporters.

Woba Joram, Independent candidate for 48-Mao (ST) A/C in his speech stated that if God willing, he could become their leader when people supported him and vote for him to serve them. The candidate also lauded the former Jt. Director for lending his support to the candidate when he was denied the BJP ticket. The candidate assured in front of the gathering that he would stand for the rights of the tribal in the state if elected. The candidate dreams of collective growth and development in the region, he said.
Speaking as the chief guest, Daili Nikhini Pfoze stated that Song Song and Tunggam villages must have united after some 30 years and urged all to concentrate on how to give more votes to the candidate.
Blessing prayer was led by Rev. L. Ashuli, Pastor, Afii CRC after the candidate declared that he would serve the public wholeheartedly with his best efforts.

Delegates from different villages of Mao and Poumai attended the program including different social leaders, ex-ADC members and student leaders under the assembly constituency.

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