GoI failed to keep its commitment on Framework Agreement: Rev. A. Puni

Senapati: Leader of the NSCN/GPRN asserted that basic principle of honouring an agreement signed by a nation is not maintained by India. The statement was made by Rev. A. Puni, Member of the Collective Leadership, NSCN/GPRN at a program held at Mao in Senapati district on Saturday. He added, India is craftily shying away from implementing the agreement by collaborating with self interest groups and individuals to nullify the Framework Agreement.

Member of the collective leadership stated that supreme sacrifices made the foundation of the Naga political aspirations stronger and stronger. Sharing about the ongoing Indo-Naga political talk, the NSCN reportedly agreed to start political negotiation with the Govt of India only after having recognised Naga issue as political and not internal law and order issue. India declared that military way of solution against the Nagas was not possible as stated by Gen. Choudhury.

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Mahatma Gandhi said that Nagas have every right to be independent. However, after India’s Independence, Indian Prime Minister Nehru said that “Even if heaven falls, the whole country goes to pieces and river run red with blood, I will never allow Nagas to be independent.” Subsequently, he sent thousands of Indian armed forces to crush the Nagas but he failed miserably because, Nagas have God’s given rights. Indira Gandhi openly expressed that she doesn’t care whether Nagas are right or wrong, she only care about India’s security. Many top Indian leaders were also only concern about India’s security. Therefore, they took into consideration of India’s defence from external forces as priority. When the formulation was made between the NSCN and Govt of India on agreeing a joint defence, many top Indian leaders reportedly expressed that it was matter of great satisfaction.

On 11 July, 2002, the Govt of India officially recognised the “Unique History and situation of the Nagas.” It was the first realistic step forward in the political negotiation. After 5 consecutive Indian Prime Ministers, understanding the political situation, especially Dr. Manmohan Singh said that “India is ready to walk the extra miles, outside the box,” meaning, solution outside the constitution of India.

Narendra Modi on seeing the situation instructed RN. Ravi to seriously look into the matter and to resolve Naga issue at the earliest. And for which, the Framework Agreement was signed on 3rd August, 2015 with the opening word, “The Political Conflict….” The Framework Agreement acknowledged the intricacies of the Indian system and in consonance with the contemporary realities, both the parties acknowledged that violence must end to pave way for sustainable peace and overall development, he said.

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Both the parties are cognizant of the universal principle that in democracy, sovereignty lies with the people. Accordingly, both India and Naga, respecting people’s wishes for sharing the sovereign power as defined in the competencies. The Indo-Naga honourable political solution will provide a New Relationship for peaceful co-existence of the two entities. Here, the word new means something new which is not of the present system and two entities are India and Naga nations.

It is indeed regrettable that India continues to play with the sentiments of the Naga people, he lamented. The Govt of India recognised the sovereignty of the Naga people yet, recently, started saying that Flag and Constitution is non-negotiable, which he called as very unfortunate.

It is basic general knowledge for any educated person that Flag and Constitution are integral part of sovereignty. Flag is the symbol of sovereign nation and Constitution is the governing law of a sovereign nation. The competencies clearly state that “In the matters of her own affairs, as mutually agreed upon, Nagaland shall be sovereign. And accordingly, it was mutually agreed that “This agreement shall constitute a constitution which shall be called Yehzhabo.” RN. Ravi even commented to share and draft the constitution with Naga experts during the interim period. The competencies also cited that “The Naga national identity will be duly mentioned in the Indian passport.”

Competencies also shared about Naga affiliating with the international sports organization meaning, Nagas can represent or play in any of the international competitions as Naga.

The Framework Agreement states that “It is a matter of great satisfaction” and also ends with the words “Details and execution plan will be worked out and implemented shortly,” he said. Yet, it is so unfortunate that the Govt of India failed to keep its commitment made before the world. The basic principle of honouring an agreement signed by a nation is not maintained by India. India is craftily shying away from implementing the agreement by collaborating with self interest groups and individuals to nullify the Framework Agreement.

The Framework Agreement is the best possible political agreement at the moment, he stated. It will be mutually beneficial, honourable and acceptable for both the Nagas and India and also for the neighbours. “Nevertheless, India and our neighbours should know that failing to implement the Framework Agreement would bring more loss to them than the Nagas,” the NSCN collective leadership mentioned adding Nagas cannot be taken for granted, be it India or any other nation. The world is keenly watching and studying them.

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Revolution and fight for their political rights will stay in the land so long as the sovereign right to decide their future by themselves is suppressed. “We may be tiny nation before mighty India but we have enough resources to stand on our ground and face any eventuality. We have proved and we will continue to prove that Nagas are not lost people,” he asserted.

Talking on the sideline of some differences among Nagas, he stated “Naga as a people may have petty differences among the family in our approach and dealing with our political issue but we should be very clear that any form of sell out shall be strongly and severely dealt accordingly. Traitors shall have no place in our land. Supreme sacrifice of the thousands of people for our land and identity shall not be allowed to go in vain,” he warned.

The Collective Leadership also encourages the younger generations to understand that life is not worth if one cannot live a dignified living and no living is dignified when one’s political right is suppressed. Therefore, with the education and the exposure one has acquired, the leader asks all to be the light of the nation adding, “It is time to carry forward the baton for the nation of our dream.”

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