Hit-and-run case caught on CCTV camera in Ukhrul; FIR lodged

Ukhrul: A chilling CCTV footage of a hit-and-run incident in Ukhrul near the DC office, Hamleikhong shows a pedestrian getting almost run over by a grey colored Bolero. The vehicle escapes from the scene in broad daylight.

The incident reportedly took place on Tuesday morning at 9:56 am. Fortunately, the pedestrian managed to escape the critical hit by a whisker. The hit which otherwise would have been fatal.

The pedestrian sustained bleeding wounds and bruises on his legs and is being treated at home. The pedestrian is a 15-year-old boy identified as Somahai Chodang studying at Patkai Christian Academy (PCA) in the 10th standard.

The entire incident was recorded by a CCTV camera installed by MESSENCE, a grocery store, owned by Isrealpam Shimrah.

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Pettigrew College

The hit-and-run video went viral on social media after the footage was uploaded by the grocery store owner. The vehicle and its driver involved in the hit-and-run case have not been identified so far.

The parents of the victim came to know about the incident only later in the evening. “We didn’t know about the incident until later that evening when I heard it from other people. My son didn’t tell me about the incident. As far as he told me, he said he fell and that he needed to rest. After the incident came to light, my husband and I rushed to the spot and the owner of the grocery store showed us the footage. Our family is leaving for Nagaland tomorrow and our son is getting admitted back to school tomorrow. We hope to find the culprit as soon as possible, such reckless drivers are a hazard to the public,” said the victim’s mother.

The family has lodged an FIR against the absconding driver at Ukhrul police for the hit-and-run case Wednesday morning. The police are working closely to track down the vehicle and its driver, taking cognizance of the matter.

The number plate on the vehicle is still unclear, however the suspicion is that it starts from either ML/NL followed by an incomplete serial 11456/11956.

More on this soon.

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