Maker Kashung’s, Ina Thei (I Know) released on Good Friday

A bit of the 90's disco vibe, and a little bit of modern electro pop.

Ina Thei is about celebrating life because it is the gift of God.

Maker says that people often have the tendency to think that life with/in God is one that is restrictive and stunted and devoid of fun. But God loves us so much that he sent his son to die for our sin(s) and so that we may have abundant life through him. We are meant for so much more. This passion week is a great opportunity for us to remember and to celebrate this gift of life.

For this song, Maker teamed up with Reisang and he has done a wonderful job. It’s a genre that is not really explored yet by the Tangkhul musicians, especially in gospel music.

Ina Thei has a bit of the 90’s disco vibe, and a little bit of modern electro pop.

In a way, it hugely represents one side of my musical taste other than the typical church music we have come to know.

Maker – I hope you like the song. Enjoy life, but do it with God. Blessed passion week to you all.

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Ina Thei

Music and Lyrics: Maker Kashung

Music Producer and Videography: Reisang Shimray

Studio Partner: Capital City Records

Special Thanks:

Sochipem Kashak and family

Sothingngam Shaiza

Khansemphy Raleng

Shonpu Raleng

Leimi Kashung

Yurngam Ruivah

Sorinchan Keishing

I Know (Ina Thei)

I know

You sought after my lost soul

And made it wholly new

(And) I know

All things work together for good

For those who love you

As I wait on you, hope in you,

By your strength, I will run and soar

I will not grow weary


Like on eagle’s wings

I will go on, soar higher

For nothing can separate me from your love

This I know.

It’s your word

That instructs me, makes me wise

It’s a lamp unto my feet.

Tell me who can put to shame

Or stand against the chosen?

You took away my burden

In you I have a victorious life.


Pillar of cloud by day

Pillar of fire by night to lead the way

You never leave me

My loving shepherd

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came so that they would have life, and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

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