Manipur students in JNU condemns violence, inefficiency of State govt

In photo, affected people being evacuated in parts of communal violence-hit Manipur State.

New Delhi: The students community of Manipur in Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi has strongly condemned the spate of violence happening in Manipur.

In a press statement over the ongoing violence, the Manipur students community in JNU said they are deeply saddened by the unprecedented violence.

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“We are a small State of different communities who have coexisted for centuries and have maintained a strong bond. The nature of the violence that has recently transpired can only serve to destabilise the harmonious existence among us. It is extremely appalling that the State and its machineries have completely failed to take timely preventive measures to avoid violence of this scale,” the press statement said.

Sensing imminent danger in the violence-hit State where a communal fall out would be catastrophical, the students community said, any further continuation of the violence can be detrimental not only to the peaceful co-existence of the people, but can also cause a huge challenge in maintaining peace and order of the State in the future.”

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It further stated that the State must take complete responsibility of ensuring peace and security of every citizen affected by this violence and ensure that the violence is stalled immediately.

While the students appealed to the masses to remain calm and vigilant during this time of peril, it also cautioned, saying it is necessary that communities living in Manipur refrain from spreading fabricated visuals and texts at this moment.

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Extending its condolences to everyone affected, sharing grief of those who lost loved ones in the unfortunate violence, the students community of Manipur in JNU strongly condemned the inefficiency on the part of the government in handling the issue.

“We also appeal to the leaders to address the issues at hand and to bring an amicable solution as soon as possible. We are hopeful that we will all rise above this and peace will prevail soon,” the students stated.

It is worth noting that currently there are around 200 students from Manipur in JNU, comprising of all the communities from the State.

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