Mizoram Police canine squad, inducts 8

NNN | AIZAWL, JULY 21: The Mizoram government has enhanced its drive against crimes and drugs by inducting 8 dogs into the State police canine squad.

An 8-member dog squad is meant to be used in “anti-crime, anti-drug, and search and rescue operation”, according to Mizoram Home minister Lalchamliana. The minister informed that 4 German shepherds and 4 Labrador retrievers have been inducted into the police dog squad on Tuesday.

According to Lalchamliana, among the new dogs inducted on Tuesday, 3 were trained for tracking and detecting criminals and another 3 will be used as sniffers in a drive against drugs. The rest two will be used for detecting explosives, search and rescue operations, the minister added.

Meanwhile, an official said that the Narcotic Control Bureau of the Ministry of Home Affairs had sanctioned money in 2018-19 for the induction of a canine squad for anti-drug smuggling operation given the growing supply of the banned goods from neighboring countries and States.

The official then added that those police personnel handling the dogs have been undergoing training at Nation Training Centre for Dogs in Madhya Pradesh since October last year.

Mizoram is sandwiched between Bangladesh and Myanmar with which it shares about 722 km long international border.

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