Rich floral tributes paid to General Thangal & Charai Thangal on Patriots’ Day

Senapati: Rich floral tributes in honour of General Thangal & Charai Thangal were paid on the day by different dignitaries at Thangal General Ecological Park, Mayangkhang. Patriots’ Day celebration was graced by S Kho John, President, United Naga Council (UNC) as the chief guest, Solomon Arow, President, Naga People’s Organization (NPO) as the guest of honour and YK Kaping, President, Thangal Union as the functional President respectively.

Lungthoubu Thangal, better known as Thangal Menjor and later known as Thangal General was a legendary hero from Thangal tribe. The clever act, courage and strength of Lungthoubu and his extra daring enterprise made the Maharaja of Princely state Manipur wish to take him to the capital, Imphal known as Sana Konung for his services. General Thangal gave his services in the Manipur Sana Konung for about 60 years and lived in the Meitei community for long.

Thangal General was given the title by the then Political Agent Sir James Johnstone in 1885 as being promoted by Maharaja Chandrakirti Singh. Having realised the power of the British Govt and after resolving to resist them to the utmost, he played an active part in executing the British officials and fought up to the last drop of his blood to drive the British out of Manipur to retain its freedom. He played a glorious role in the war of 1890-91 for the independence of Manipur from British rule. His name stands in the galaxy of freedom fighters of Manipur. Thangal General, Bir Tikendrajit and others were hanged on August 13, 1891.

Charai Thangal was also one who was hanged by the Britishers on this day in 1891 among those many who were known and unknown for the motherland. Although Charai Thangal was younger than Thangal General, he was known as the commander-in-charge of the Northern fort at Mayangkhang. For murder of British officers and waging war against the British, Charai Thangal was forced to surrender to British at the end of the war and was hanged. The British anger and wrath on Thangal tribe continued for 9 years even after having hanged the 2 great patriots.

As a result, Mayangkhang village was reportedly burnt to ashes 3 times by British soldiers.
YK Kaping, President, Thangal Union in his speech stated that the day is not only for Thangal community but for the entire Naga communities as the two patriots belong to Naga. During that time, the Union President stated that the 2 heroes dared the sophisticated weapons of the British in defence against the colonial rule for the love of their motherland.

Solomon Arow, President, Naga People’s Organization (NPO) lauded the Thangal tribe to have been blessed with different gift from God although Thangal tribe is one of the smallest tribe in Senapati district. Terming as a “God gifted talent” for the Thangal people, the NPO President expressed happiness to have produced two well known patriots from the community which no other tribes could able to in the past.

Speaking as the chief guest, Kho John, President, United Naga Council (UNC) stated that the two heroes were remembered even after more than 200 years because of their nationalism which had left a legacy to the younger generations.

The UNC President called the two heroes were legendary leaders who with their utmost sincerity tried to save the princely state, Manipur during their time. To excel, the UNC leader mentioned that one doesn’t need by size but needs one’s commitment as there are so many major tribes who could not produce such leaders. While the Thangal could produce such two great heroes in the past, people remember them by observing as the “Patriots’ Day” this day.

Different religious leaders and CSO leaders including the United Naga Council, Naga Women’s Union, Senapati District Women’s Association, Senapati District Students Association and social leaders from Thangal community attended the program.

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