SDSA confronts medical staff shortage/facility in Senapati’s lone Hospital: writes memorandum to Manipur CM

Senapati has no surgeons till now, we do not have surgeons for even the most common surgery, appendectomy and have been referring to Imphal since the beginning of the Hospital management.

The Senapati District Students’ Association (SDSA) on Tuesday carried forward a memorandum to N Biren Singh, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Manipur for reinstatement of two MHS doctors, namely,  Panii Veihrii Paul, Specialist (surgery) and Irengbam Joyshankar Singh, M.O, (Anaesthesiology) at District Hospital, Senapati. It may also be noted that the 100 bedded hospital is the ONLY hospital in the entire district where, as per thorough inquiry by Ukhrul Times from doctors and medical staffs, the hospital significantly has been facing and continues to face a massive inadequate number of doctors, nurse, medical staffs and medical facilities. 

With the 2011 census recording 4.79 lakhs in Senapati district alone, the acute shortage of medical staffs have caused the hospital to leave with trials of negligence by the state government. The untimely demise of Late A. Mayili Charana who was the former president and Tribunal General, Mao Students Union is an indelible incident which was caused due to the vacuous condition of medical facility and hence comprehending the helplessness of the medical staffs.

Taking into account, the ABSENCE OF EVEN ONE SURGEON in the only District Hospital infuriates the medical staffs and also the people of the district as to why the government neglect the medical needs of the people. “Unlike Imphal with reputed hospitals like RIMS and JNIMS, people in Senapati District do not have adequate medical staffs; let alone staffs, there are not even adequate medical facilities for minor check-up”, commented one medical staff on the query of challenges faced.

A memorandum during the early months of 2019 was submitted by SDSA, SDWA and NPO on the same issue regarding the shortage of medical staffs. The government responded to the demand by posting five doctors; however, they were transferred after 1-2 months from the assigned month. “From past years, we have been sending a countless number of patients to Imphal every week, and with COVID 19, it has become more difficult to attend to the increasing needs of our people here in the district. Some patients also refuse to be transported to Imphal because of COVID 19, the protocols and procedures one has to undergo if one has to go to Imphal, resulting in postponement of appointments”, stated one medical staff.

“Senapati has no surgeons till now, we do not have surgeons for even the most common surgery, appendectomy and have been referring to Imphal since the beginning of the Hospital management. And at this point of time, we were elated with the thought of finally having a surgeon to carry forward our dreams of performing surgeries, but the doctors were not given to our hospital despite the understanding the government holds.” The district hospital staff lamented.

“Doctors, nurse and staffs are in short supply, and even if they have been posted, I want to request them not to leave in short period. The public in Senapati are in tire need of a functioning hospital. We say that the hills and the valley are one, but why is the government not paying attention to the needs of the hill especially for the development of hospital and medical facility”? the person added.

On the query of other staffs, it is also to be mentioned that the hospital has only one sweeper to look over the entire hospital. “Concerning the Indian Public Health Standard, the percentage of the staff in our hospital is extremely less, we only have four Medical Officers which is supposed to be of 25. There are no specialists in the hospital, yet the gynaecologist, even the senior MO’s is included in the emergency duties; the gynaecologist tried their best to not refer pregnant mothers to Imphal, but the condition of the hospital compels them to, we have no choice”, added another senior Medical Officer, as the incident of 20 year old pregnant woman, Kanpatliu Kamei was recalled.

Adding to all the difficulties, challenges and troubles faced by the Doctors and Medical staffs in the District Hospital, the student’s body of Senapati strongly expressed their support and shared their sentiments saying, “We want Panii Veihrii Paul, Specialist (surgery) and Irengbam Joyshankar Singh back at District Hospital. Why have they been transferred“? A members from SDSA also expressed grievances citing from the memorandum, “Whereas the total human capital sanctioned for efficient management is 329; however, the medical staff strength at present is managed by 85 staffs”.

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