Ukhrul Police mends and repairs stretch of Ukhrul town

Ukhrul: Ukhrul Police on September 21 and 22, organised a two-day social-work mending potholes in town. The repair of town road started from Wino Bazaar till Mini Secretariat Complex in Ukhrul. Going beyond the call of duty, Ukhrul Police recently also took up multiple cleanliness drive within the town.

Led by SP of Ukhrul, Ningshem Vashum, OC of Ukhrul PS, Inspector M. Khogen Singh other rank and files of Ukhrul Police carried out the social work during the two-day social-work, deploying excavator and dipper trucks to procure stone chips from Shirui village. Truckloads of stone chips were unload at various spots in Ukhrul town and were laid out to fill potholes and also to widen the road by filling the gaps/spaces between the two sides of blacktopped road.

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Tangkhul Naga Wungnao Long (Chiefs Association) has lauded the noble initiative. President of TNWL SA. Ramnganing in a press release said it is “very pleased with the good Samaritan work initiated by the Ukhrul Police under the leadership of SP Ningshem Vashum to make Ukhrul headquarters an environment conscious District. Ukhrul town is filled with litters and potholes all around. Ukhrul Police have stepped in and made a difference in the lives of the people.”

The release further praised SP Ningshem Vashum’s recent posting in Ukhrul district and said, his coming has made huge difference in the lives of the general populace, especially the pedestrian who had hard time crossing the town road due to acute traffic congestion.

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“When the populace was reeling under intense road inconvenience, the Ukhrul Police stepped in by regulating the traffic and widening the road. Civic sense is all we need and the guardian of Tangkhul Customary Law take this matter seriously. Clean environment have to come from all the stakeholders which includes every living souls. Anti civic sense such as throwing garbage, spitting openly should end. Good civic sense must play an important part to build our community. Salute SP Ukhrul and the entire Ukhrul police personnel for going beyond the call of duty to make Ukhrul town a clean and eco-friendly district.”

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