Urgent Appeal for Unity and Reconciliation for the Sake of Naga Nation

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Dear Leaders of NSCN/GPRN K,

It is with a heavy heart that the Naga Students Organization (NSO) addresses the current state of affairs within our own community. The ongoing internal conflicts, violence, and disregard for the well-being of our people by NSCN/GPRN K have deeply saddened and pained us.

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The Naga public, which has endured the brunt of multiple challenges, cannot withstand the continued infighting and killings within NSCN/GPRN K,  Kidnapping of Village leaders,  Ransom, and harassment meted out upon the public, and loss of innocent lives perpetrated by our own defenders. The violation of the five point consensuses adopted on June 13, 2023, only compounds the shame that befalls those who claim to fight for Naga freedom.

Our ancestors initiated a genuine struggle for the Naga National movement, laying the foundation for the Naga Army. However, the current actions of both the conflicting NSCN/GPRN K are a stark departure from the principles that guided our predecessors. The NSO, through various meetings, has made it unequivocally clear that Eastern Nagaland Myanmar cannot sustain more than one organization due to the prevailing poverty and food crises above all we don’t encourage division and mushrooming of factions in Eastern Nagaland Myanmar.

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Imagine being forced to feed two NSCN groups at gunpoint while struggling with hunger. The curse of the poor innocent public is upon NSCN/GPRN K, and the consequences manifest in the high death rates, broken families, and a life of misery in Eastern Nagas. Levying taxes on families already grappling with poverty exacerbates their suffering.

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The NSCN/GPRN K must realize that Nagaland is for Christ, and the wrath of God awaits those who perpetuate barbarism and terrorism against their own people. The Naga struggle for freedom has a unique history and identity, but violations of human rights against our own people tarnish our noble cause. The NSO urges NSCN/GPRN K Angmai  to immediately release Mr. Chopkhiu Gangsa and Mr. Chingsan Wangham of Chop village Londing District, without harm respecting the principles of peaceful dialogue. Arbitrary arrests and kidnapping of village leadership contradict the resolutions adopted on June 13, 2023. The arrest of village leadership has created fear and tension among the village people and it also has disturbed the Students community who all are  planning their way  home due to tide security by the Assam Rifles.  As Christmas approaches, we appeal to the security forces, particularly the Assam Rifles, to refrain from harassing innocent students traveling home. Random interrogation and harassment violate the patrolling code of conduct, disturbing students during their Christmas holidays.

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History has taught us that peace and reconciliation are the only viable solutions to conflicts. The NSO, along with the Naga people, implores NSCN/GPRN K to overcome differences, reconcile, and unite for the defense of Naga rights and our nation. Unity is our strength, and the Naga people must stand united in Myanmar, seizing the golden chance to make our collective stand clear for the future.

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In the face of internal discord within the Naga community, it is imperative to recognize the nefarious machinations of neo-colonial forces attempting to exploit and divide us. Their covert support to certain Naga factions, coupled with extortion and exploitation, seeks to undermine the unity of civil society organizations as the new frontier of war. However, history attests that such tactics have failed in the past and will continue to falter in the future. The Naga quest for self-determination only grows stronger, as we remain steadfast in our awareness of those orchestrating these divisive strategies. We, the Naga people, stand resilient against external interference, united in our pursuit of a future guided by our own determination.

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Naga Students Organization, Myanmar

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