CM Biren attends Laii Day celebration under the theme ‘Our culture, our identity’


Senapati: Manipur chief minister N Biren Singh said that Senapati is a strategically important area, and taking advantage of the national highway which passes through the district, it can be fully developed. 

N. Biren Singh was speaking as the chief guest of the inaugural function of the Laii (Vafiimai) Day celebrated under the theme “Our Culture, Our Identity” at the local ground, Laii village, Senapati in Manipur. Upon his arrival at the venue, the chief minister and his entourage were accorded a rousing welcome by the general public.

“We are trying to create a city like atmosphere in the district with due consultation with civil organisations like NPO and students union etc.”, the chief minister also said. He then highlighted developmental projects undertaken in the district including construction of Ima Market, stadiums, laying of astro turf for football, development of amusement park, foundation stone laying of youth centre for skill development of youth, etc.

“We are working day and night,” the chief minister said adding that “today we are able to provide potable water to atleast 70-80 percent in the district”. Calling on the people to be united and live together, the chief minister urged all to forgive and forget the past mistakes and instead move forward unitedly.

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He also sought the people’s support to the ‘War on Drugs’ campaign and further appreciated the people of the district including the Poumais, Thangals, Maos, Maram, Liangmais for coming out voluntarily and pledging against poppy plantation and illegal drug business.

Explaining the ills of poppy plantation, the chief minister said it not only helps in production of drugs like opium but also destroys forest and environment. It causes massive deforestation, which is adversely affecting the climate, the chief minister further said.

At the same time, the chief minister also lauded the Naga community for protecting and preserving the jungle cover in their areas.

Highlighting that the proposal for upgradation of the Laii-Tusom via Kharasom road to national highway status was not included in the proposal sent to the Centre earlier, the chief minister said he would look into the demand for the upgradation.  N. Biren Singh also assured to look into the other points included in the memorandum submitted by the villagers.

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He further applauded the people of the village for properly preserving their age-old tradition and culture.

He also explained the need to visit the interior villages and said the government has to understand the necessities and needs of its entire people including those living in the interior villages.

Highlighting the launching of the ‘Go to Hills’ and ‘Go to Village’ schemes in the earlier term, the chief minister said the government understands the difficulties of life in the far-flung villages and so in its second term, the government is giving first priority to the interior villages and border areas under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


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