Rising People’s Party to undertake ‘A Walk to Save Nagaland’ to kick-off campaign

Kohima: The Rising People’s Party (RPP), a recently floated political party in Nagaland, said Friday that it will be undertaking the task of walking around Nagaland under the theme “A Walk to Save Nagaland.” This event is also the kick-start of our campaign for the next assembly elections of Nagaland.

RPP members and well-wishers will begin the walk from Dimapur on February 21, 2022. According to the RPP, the walk will cover Dimapur,   Mhainamtsi, Thekrujuma, Piphema,  Kohima, Jakhama,  Pfutsero, Meluri, Kiphire,  Tuensang,  Tobu, Aboi,  Wakching,  Tamlu, Merangkong, Tuli, Yajang and Niuland.                                                                                                                           

The RPP said that the walk is a circular walk around Nagaland. The distance to be covered is 1200 plus km and the estimated days of walk is 40 days, the party further informed. The party is particularly traversing the foothill road to highlight the apathetic attitude of the state government despite pleas from all quarters, it added.

“For the RPP, the walk is a philosophy and an excellent medium to share the party’s ideology and vision with our people. The other purpose of this walk is to reach out to the grassroots and to listen to their grievances and hear their vision for a new Nagaland,” the party also said. “Under the theme ‘A Walk to Save Nagaland’ the RPP wants to highlight issues which has kept the state backward for too long,” it also stated.

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According to the RPP, it is a Walk against corruption and to save Nagaland from self-serving leaders. The RPP also said that the walk is also against AFSPA; and against backdoor appointments that is killing the aspirations of the youth. The party also stated that the walk is also to save Nagaland from the culture that sees politics as a money making machine. The party further said that the walk is also against the culture that refuses to empower women and youths; and against clan/village/tribe centric governance which is the root of all debauchery in Naga politics.

Apart from these issues, the RPP said it “wants to share its vision, its aims and objectives, and its thoughts with the common man. 

The RPP then said that the walk is also for clean election and for the promise of good governance by the party. The RPP further said that the walk is also to uphold the Rule of law by the party; to uphold law and order by the RPP and for a self-reliant economy. The walk is also to educate people to elect Godly candidates in elections and to show solidarity to families of the Oting massacre. The RPP also said that the walk is also to highlight the “danger of harbouring illegal immigrants in our land and to protect Naga identity”.

The new political party in Nagaland then said, “Through this walk, the RPP wants to convey the message that the Rising People’s Party is the only alternative for the suffering public; that perhaps it’s not too late to save Nagaland”.


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