Villages clarify: ‘Senior Citizens’ Association Nagaland “falsely inferred” Hebron Camp jurisdiction’

Dimapur: Clarifying the recent press conference by the Senior Citizens’ Association Nagaland (SCAN), that Hebron camp was within the jurisdiction of the Ntangki National Park, a joint statement by four village councils have countered and nullified the claim made by SCAN.

The Old Jalukie, Jalukiekam, Beisumpui and Beisumpuikam village councils have clarified that the NSCN-IM designated Hebron camp is “not within the jurisdiction of the Ntangki National Park.” It also pointed out that the correct spelling of the National Park is not Intangki as stated by SCAN, but Ntangki.

Stating from the position as “landowner villages of Hebron camp and Ntangki National Park”, the joint statement issued by the Old Jalukie & Jalukiekam Villages and Beisumpui & Beisumpuikam villages informed that the land for the Hebron was donated by Beisumpui Village, but the camp is within the jurisdiction of the Old Jalukie Village, the original landowner.

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The joint statement of the four village councils also rejected the insinuation by the SCAN that “some sort of arrangement is being made to rehabilitate the NSCN-IM cadres inside Ntangki Forest post Naga solution.” 

“But the fact is that, neither the Govt of India nor the landowner village will allow for parting any land within the Ntangki National Park to whomever for whatsoever reasons as the park is nationally recognized and is in existence for the benefit of the whole Nagas,” the joint statement declared. 

It further stated that the “Nagas ought to understand that the NSCN-IM designated Hebron camp is not within the jurisdiction of Ntangki National Park. The boundary between Jalukie and Beisampui is clearly marked by the Mungleu River so there is no room for confusion and misunderstanding,” it added. 

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Referring to the then chief minister Dr SC Jamir, the joint statement pointed out “Naga people should know who the then chief minister of the state was when Hebron camp was established at the Forest Colony, in late 1990s, outside the jurisdiction of Ntangki National Park,” it maintained.

“The fact that when Jamir was the Chief Minister of Nagaland, the resettlement of NSCN-IM cadres to the present  location was finalized, and therefore asking questions to present chief Neiphiu Rio or Shurhozelie Liezietsu or TR  Zeliang is illogical and incomprehensible,” it added. 

The joint statement further maintained that the resettlement was done outside the park at the then Forest Colony of the Forest Department, for which the fact has been validated by the Director of Ntangki National Park, T Aochuba in his recent interview. 

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It furthermore pointed out the agreement and condition of the four villages that in the event of NSCN-IM leaving the camp, the land will be repossessed by Jalukiekam and Jalukie villages, the original landowners. “Claiming that Hebron camp is within Ntangki Notional Park is either ignorantly misinterpretation or intentionally claimed so as to deprive the Jalukiekam Village to take back possession of the land in which Hebron camp is currently set up,” the joint statement added.

Speculating at the manner of claim staked by Senior Citizens’ Association Nagaland, the joint statement said such attempt “may be a ploy to declare that part or the land as ‘No Man’s Land’, as was done in the past, by vested individuals to encroached upon the land in the future for their personal interest.” 

Urging for any clarification, the village councils joint statement welcomed anyone to approach Beisumpui Village Council and Old Jalukie Village Councils.

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