CSOs of Naga and Kuki settles torching of Liangmai Naga house at Leimakhong

Senapati, June 24: United Naga Council while taking the part of peace meditator has settled the recent torching of one Naga house at Leimakhong Chingmang.

Joint meeting of Kuki Inpi Sadar Hills, Kuki Sadar Hills Chief Association and other Kuki representatives together with Working Committee, United Naga Council, Naga Women’s Union and All Naga Students Association, Manipur was held at HHH Hotel, TNK, Tahamzam (Senapati) on June 22, 2023.

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During the meeting, Kuki, KIM Sadar Hills, Kuki Chief Association, Sadar Hills formally tendered apology to the victim’s family and the Naga people owning up full responsibility over the incident of the blatant torching of a Naga house belonging to Ms. Akhon, Liangmai at Konsaram, Leimakhong Chingmang.

The Liangmai Naga Council and Liangmai Naga Women’s Union in good faith accept the apology from Kuki counterpart. The two apex Liangmai Naga bodies also expressed displeasure over the rampant provocations occurring in the sporadic areas and installation of number of pungers in Liangmai Naga villages by the Kukis.

In the spirit of forgive and forget and in accordance with Naga customary law, both the parties unanimously agreed in principle to compromise and settle the matter once for all with gentlemen agreements including both the parties shall initiate customary ritual to proceed the negotiation for final settlement.

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The Kuki CSOs of Sadar Hills agreed to bear all expenses to be incurred for construction of the victim’s house in the same place with same scale as it was earlier within 2 months time and all the party concerned shall strive together to restrain during this difficult situation having agreed that the Kuki CSOs shall take up preventive measure to avert all such unwanted incidents and provocations in near future.

Signatories included R. Machundoubou, President, LNC, T. Athonliu, President, LPNR and Samson Remei, Convenor, UNC Working Committee from the Naga CSOs and Kuki CSOs including James Haokip, President, Kuki Inpi, Sadar Hills, Haokholen Kipgen, President, SAHILCA and AC Thotso, Member Secretary, UNC Working committee.

CSO representatives from both communities of the Naga and Kuki on June 24, Saturday settled the agreement after having performed customary rituals befittingly from Kuki’s side for final settlement at Konsaram Village Community Hall.

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